When I was new to Toronto, I saw a picture of Scarborough bluffs online. I was surprised that such a beautiful place existed so close to Toronto. I looked online for information on where to view Scarborough Bluffs. Finding no clear guide I ended up in the wrong place. To avoid such confusions, here is a clear guide to all things Scarborough Bluffs, Ontario.

Where to view Scarborough Bluffs – Map

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A – Scarboro Crescent Park
B – Scarborough Bluffs Park and Beach
C – Cathedral Bluffs Park and Beach

Scarboro Crescent Park:

View from Scarboro Crescent Park
View of Bluffers Park from Scarboro Crescent Park . Photo Credit: (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by NormanMaddeaux

This is the source of confusion for many people. Scarboro Crescent Park used to be known as Scarborough Bluffs Park until May 2017. People looking for the Bluffer’s Park would type in Scarborough Bluffs in google maps and would end up here; I was one of them. However, this is a place to view the cliffs from the top. It’s actually a nice place to visit, you can get a panoramic view of the beach below. You will see some people fence-jumping to get a photo. This is a dangerous thing to do. Those fences are there for a reason; the cliffs are weak at the edges and may break away at any moment. You may also end up with a hefty fine ($5000) if you are caught fence-jumping. If you want to actually see the cliffs, you should head to the Scarborough Bluffs Park or Bluffers Park.

If you want to see the white cliffs of Scarborough, you should go to Bluffers Park/ Scarborough Bluffs Park , not Scarboro Crescent Park

Scarborough Bluffs Park/Bluffers Park

Bluffers Park
Bluffers Park – Photo Credit: (CC BY-ND 2.0) by Gunnshots

This is another name that causes confusion. If you look at Google Maps, there are two Bluffers Park: One at the base of Scarborough Bluffs and another at the base of Cathedral Bluffs. Look carefully, the one at the base of Cathedral Bluffs is marked as a swim club If you want to see the Scarborough Bluffs, you should go straight down Brimley road to Scarborough Bluffers park (marked by green pin) .

Getting There

Directions from Downtown Toronto
By TTC: Take Line 2(Bloor-Danforth) towards Kennedy Station. Get down at Warden station and take the bus 102 towards North – 102D Markham Rd Towards Major Mackenzie. Get down at St. Clair Ave East at Brimley Road. Walk south on Brimley road for 2.1 km (26 mins) until you arrive at Bluffer’s Park. Be careful, the road down to the Scarborough Bluffs is not pedestrian friendly. A bus route is being proposed from Kennedy Station directly to Bluffer’s park to make transit to the park easy. A Weekend bus route will start on a trial basis from May 13 2018. See this report by TTC for more details: TTC report

Scarborough Bluffs Park Beach/Bluffers Beach

Bluffers beach
Bluffers Beach – (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Viv Lynch

There are two beaches near the Scarborough bluffs: One is a sandy beach at the base of the Scarborough bluffs. Another is at the base of Cathedral bluffs down Bluffer’s Park Road as shown by the yellow pin in the google map widget. The beach at Cathedral Bluffs is bigger in comparison. The yellow pin, showing the Cathedral Bluffs, is slightly off the actual location in the map. This is because google map won’t let me place it at the right location. The beach I am talking about is a little further down on the Bluffer’s park road.

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Featured Image Credit: Scarborough Bluffs (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Viv Lynch
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