Hi! I am Pari. I am an avid traveler, a Ph.D. graduate in computer science, a k-drama fan, a wife and a fashion-loving nerd.

I was born and brought up in South India. Since my childhood, I knew that I wanted to travel to different places around the world and experience different cultures and lifestyles. I was so influenced by a English lesson about Australia, that I declared to my parents that I was going to move to Australia when I was older! I moved to Canada instead :). Growing up I had one thing going for me – I was slightly above average at academics. So, I worked hard in hopes that education would take me places… and it did! I won a Ph.D. scholarship at a university in UK. During my Ph.D., I traveled to many countries to attend and present at conferences. However, I secretly wished that I could skip the conference and explore the beautiful city I had traveled to.

After the Ph.D. I had two choices: academia or travel. For a year I chose the safe option: academia. I taught some computer science courses at a college but it did not fulfill me. So, here I am, with the support of my husband, taking the biggest risk of my life. I am jumping in head first into becoming a full time blogger and so far It’s been an exciting ride.

The story so far makes it seem that I am solely responsible for this blog. However, that’s not true. Everything on this blog is joint effort. My husband, is an equal (actually more than equal) contributor. Not only does he support me financially, he is the chief photographer and cinematographer. Almost every video and photo (minus the stock photos) that you see on this blog and my Instagram has been carefully captured and edited by him. Seems like an easy job, but believe me, it’s not. To get that one perfect shot, he has to click 50 other not so perfect ones. He has incredible patience which I lack :). He is also my partner in website design, maintenance and the creative director of this website. All this, he does along with his full-time job as a Solution Architect in a big firm. He is my Superman! He is camera shy so you won’t see any of his personal photos here.

Many people ask us how we are able to travel so often and maintain this lifestyle. Well, my husband has a full-time job which he can do remotely. As long as he has an internet connection, he can do his work. So, while travelling, we have to take care of the time difference and make sure that the internet connection in the hotel/airbnb is good. This website also generates some income from the affiliate links/ads that I post on the website. So, if you would like to support me, please book your travel(if applicable) from my affiliate links in the blogposts or from the Search Box shown at the end of this page. It won’t cost you anything as the amount that is advertised on the hotel website remains the same even if you book directly from their website.

Through this travel blog, we hope to inspire and help other people explore more places and cultures around the world. I hope you enjoy reading my stories and our pictures. I would love to connect personally to all my readers. Even though, I am available on all the social media I have mentioned below, I am most active on Instagram. So, please follow and leave a comment on my photos. I usually don’t respond to direct DMs because of bad experiences in the past. However, I do respond to most comments left on my Instagram. Looking forward to hearing from you..