The Best Sneakers For Travel

Top Trendy Travel Shoes – The best walking shoes for women

Sneakers are my favorite when it comes to footwear. I prefer them over stilettos for many reasons. First, they don’t give me shoe bites which is inevitable for me with stilettos. They are good for my back. Also, they are comfortable throughout the day when I explore a city by foot. Lately, I am over the moon since the sneaker trend started and consequently my sneaker collection has only grown…. Some one stop me!

Anyway, here are the best walking shoes for women that I think are stylish and also great for travel.

Best Travel Shoes For Summer – Nike Air Max 270

 Top Trendy Sneakers - Nike Air Max 270
Top Trendy Sneakers – Nike Air Max 270

As temperatures rise and the air gets heavy with humidity, there is only one shoe I turn to this summer – the Nike Air Max 270. I think this shoe is the best sneaker for summer because of its design. The mesh area in the shoe front is a God-send during the hot sweaty days. Your feet will stay ventilated and cool through out the day. They are also super light and springy. So, you can walk for a long time without feeling the weight. It is sleek, so it’s easy to pack in your suitcase and doesn’t take up too much space. The vibrant gel sole gives the shoe a bright pop of color which makes it very summery as well.

Best Bulky Sneakers – Fila Disruptor

Top Trendy Sneakers - Fila Disruptor
Top Trendy Sneakers – Fila Disruptor

The overly bulky shoe trend was introduced by Balenciaga. However, the pricy $1800 Balenciaga shoe is not in every man/ woman’s price range. Thankfully, the trend has filtered down to other brands as well. Fila has come up with its more affordable bulky sneaker called the Fila Disruptor. I can’t tell you how much I love this sneaker. Once I had these shoes on, I didn’t want to take them off. I want to pair them with every outfit I have.

What makes them great for a traveler? First, they look great with both dresses and pants. So, it reduces the number of shoes you need to pack. Second, they are very comfortable with a lot of cushion. You can walk long hours in this shoe. I say this from experience. There is a con though. Obviously, since they are bulky they take up a lot of space in your travel bag. In case of bulky shoes, I just wear the shoes to the airport instead of packing them in. Once on the plane, I keep my shoes under the seat and change into soft foldable ballet shoes that I carry in my handbag.

The Most Versatile Sneaker – The Transparent Shoe (AirDP) by Ishu

Top Trendy Sneakers - AirDp By Ishu
Top Trendy Sneakers – AirDp By Ishu

I picked up these transparent sneakers on my recent travel to Japan. They are called AirDP by Ishu. These sneakers are very unique and I have never seen them in any of the stores in Canada or UK. The beauty of these transparent sneakers is that they can be turned into any colour you want. Just wear a different colored sock and Voila, it’s as if you have a brand new shoe. How clever is that!

As a traveler, I like these shoes because of its chameleon like quality. I dislike having the same shoes for all my photos on Instagram. So, I usually pack a lot of shoes with me which consumes enormous space on my luggage. With this one, all I have to do is pack ten different colored socks and the shoes transforms everytime. I feel this shoe is very futuristic in a way. It has tiny pores all along the shoes, so your shoes are properly ventilated. You can get this shoe at AirDp Transparent Shoes

Best walking shoe for women – Ecco Shoes

Trendy Sneakers - Ecco Shoes
Trendy Sneakers – Ecco Shoes

Ecco sneakers are the ultimate comfort shoes in my book. In fact, I have two pairs of Ecco – one a high top white leather sneakers and another a sleek midnight blue special edition pair. I have received many compliments for both these shoes from many women when I wear them.

However, what makes them my favorite is the way the interior of the shoes fits my feet. The interiors of the shoes hug my feet and as I walk they give a sensation of a gentle massage. Both shoes are so comfortable that I can easily wear them on an airplane. Also, they are not too bulky so they take up a lot less space in the luggage compared to all the other shoes I have listed above.

Travel Shoes That Combine Style Plus Comfort – Vans

Top Trendy Sneakers - Vans Shoes
Top Trendy Sneakers – Vans Shoes

Of course how can I forget Vans when it comes to comfort. I particularly love these bright yellow Vans. They are also very comfortable and they look so trendy. The only problem I have with them is that people stare at my feet wherever I go. Not a bad problem to have!

So, that ends my list of the best sneakers for travel in the summer. All the shoes I have listed here, I own and have tried for a long time. None of my recommendations here are sponsored or paid in any way. I hope you enjoyed the list.

I would love to hear what sneakers you prefer for travel. Please let me know in the comments.

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Sneakers are my first choice when it comes to footwear for travel. Check out my list of best trendy sneakers that are great for travel.
Top Sneakers That Are Great For Travel

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