Picture shows a  pink vintage car in the streets of Cuba
Cuban Vintage Cars : A pink vintage car in the streets of Cuba

Cuba is known for three things : cigars, rum and classic cars . How does Cuba have these beautiful vintage cars, even some 1950s models that you can’t find anywhere in the world? Here is some background explaining why, for all the history buffs out there:

Why Does Cuba Have So Many Classic American Cars?

The simple version of the story goes like this: Cuba was once ruled by a dictator named Fulgencio Batista. Many Cubans considered Batista to be nothing but an American stooge who catered only to rich Americans while the local people were getting poorer and suffering. Fed up with the corruption, the people of Cuba revolted against the dictator. In a historic event, the dictator was driven out of the country and the revolutionaries succeeded.

Cuba, which had been the playground of rich Americans soon turned into a communist regime as it grew closer to the USSR. In the time of The Cold War, the strengthening ties between Cuba and Soviet Union threatened the US. In the 1960s, the US found that Cuba was providing a military base for the Soviet Union. To punish Cuba, the US imposed a trade embargo. Cuba reciprocated by imposing a ban on imported goods such as cars from the US. Importing cars from other countries, which are geographically farther away, was very expensive. Therefore, no new cars entered Cuba from 1960 on-ward. When the cars broke down, the people who owned these cars patched them up with local parts.

In 2013, Cuba finally lifted the ban on car imports paving the way for new cars to enter the country. However, these patched up vintage cars have now taken on a life of their own. They have turned Cuba into a living classic car museum!

Cars In Cuba Pictures

Now that you know the history, feast your eyes on these vintage cars!

Classic cars of Cuba
Classic cars of Cuba

cars in cuba pictures

cars in cuba pictures

cars in cuba pictures

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    • Pari Reply

      Thank You Madi. I love how bright and colorful these cars are. Wish I could see them everyday.

    • Pari Reply

      Yes! totally agree. I am back from Cuba and I miss these cars. Why don’t they have such colorful cars here in Canada?

  1. Oh my gosh those look so great! I’m drooling! It’s a dream to ride around the beach with a cool car like that!

    • Pari Reply

      They are so cool aren’t they? You can get a ride around Havana by buying a classic car tour.

    • Pari Reply

      Yes, I couldn’t stop reaching for my camera every time a classic car passed by :). I have collected many blurry shots this way :D. These are the good ones.

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    You have to be proud of your good work, it’s always like that (the photos are beautiful) not being modest, you’re a professional in the field, I suggest you write for some industry magazine specialized for travelers.
    I promise you that your bolg will be visited by me in time to inform me of your next trips.

    • Pari Reply

      Thank you so much! I am encouraged by your comments to write and explore the world more. I want to give people the chance to explore the world through my blog and enjoy it free cost. The places you have visited seem so interesting and rarely visited by people. I wish to travel to such remote places one day.

      Stay tuned for blog posts on Japan coming soon in March. In summer, I will make more efforts to put up more articles on Canada’s wilderness.

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