1950s Fashion In Old Havana

1950’s Fashion in Old Havana

1950s Fashion – dress with cinched waist and full skirt. Pic Credit: jill111 (Pixabay)

1950’s fashion centered around the dirndl dress introduced by Chrisitian Dior in 1947. The main features of the dirndl dress were sleeveless/small puff sleeves, a small cinched waist appearance and a full skirt as shown below. In the later part of 1950’s the pencil skirt came into fashion.

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A Modern Take on 1950’s Fashion

Paying homage to the 1950’s vibe of Havana

When I traveled to Havana Cuba, I decided to pay homage to the 1950s vibe of this colorful city with 1950s fashion.

I chose a white Tommy Hilfiger dress as shown in the photo above. This dress has hints of the classic 1950s cinched waist appearance. However, instead of the full skirt, which I was uncomfortable with, it features an A-line skirt.

I deliberately chose a white dress so that the dress fitted in harmoniously with the colorful buildings of Old Havana. I paired this dress with a 1940s style straw hat which provided much-needed shade from the sun along with enhancing the classic feel of the dress. The belt which came with the dress helped to highlight my waist and giving an illusion of a slim waist.

Exploring Bellamar Caves in comfortable jeans, polka dot top and ecco shoes

Another fashion trend in the 1940’s and 1950’s was the Polka dot. The Polka dot has never really gone out of fashion and I am sure many of you will have atleast one item of clothing with Polka dots on it.

Havana is the perfect spot to showcase your Polka dot fashion items. The fun, bright and colorful vibes of the Polka dots go hand in hand with Havana.

Comfort and Fashion both get equal considerations when I travel. So, for the Bellamar cave exploration, I stuck with my comfy jeans and Ecco sneakers. However, in keeping with the 1950’s fashion, I chose a brightly colored polka dot top.

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I hope this post has inspired you to try some 1950’s inspired fashion during your visit to Havana and in your everyday life.

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