View of Scarborough Bluff at Scarborough Heights Park

A Hidden Getaway to Scarborough Bluffs

Scarborough Bluffs is one of my favorite spots in Toronto and I thought that after 5 years in Toronto and visiting the Bluffs numerous times, I knew all that there was to know about it. This weekend, I found out the Bluffs has a lot more hidden secrets in store and I just discovered one of them.

How I discovered the Scarborough Heights Waterfront Park

To give you a bit of background, my husband and I were having brunch at a cafe, which feels like a privilege after the pandemic lockdown. After a large helping of eggs, bacon, and fruit, I felt the need to walk a bit to compensate for the calorie intake. So we decided to walk to the Bluffs which is about 8KM away. Around the 5KM mark, I realized I needed a break. A quick look on Google Maps showed us that we were close to the Rosetta Mcclain Gardens. I’ve always wanted to see this garden. So, we took a detour to the Rosetta Mclain gardens.

Rosetta Mcclain Gardens is a quaint, well-maintained garden. The central attraction is a rock fountain surrounded by a pergola and beautiful flowering plants. The garden is located on the edge of a cliff overlooking Lake Ontario so there are many spots to catch a view of the lake. There’s also a gazebo and many perfectly-located seating spots sprinkled throughout the garden for you to enjoy some peace.

After enjoying the garden for a while, we decided to resume our hike. My husband remarked that there may be another way to visit the Bluffs. I was all ears. According to Google Maps, there’s a path right next to Rosetta Mcclain Gardens that actually leads down to the Bluffs.

How to get to Scarborough Bluffs from Rosetta Mcclain Gardens

  • Right next to Rosetta Mcclain Gardens, you will find Wynnview Ct street.
  • Next to the street, you will find a trail to Scarborough Heights Park
  • The path has a gate at the entrance which prohibits vehicles from entering.
  • That’s it. Head down the path and enjoy the view along.

Please note, that the path ends at Scarborough Bluffs. There is no access to Scarborough Bluffs Park from this road. If you want to go to Scarborough Bluffs Park or Bluffer’s Beach, follow the directions in this article instead.

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