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Where To Stay In Toronto – Best Areas and Best Hotels for First Time Visitors

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When I visited Toronto for the first time, I wanted to book a hotel in Toronto downtown which was within walkable distance to all the attractions. So, I spent hours researching where to stay in Toronto and finally found some budget friendly hotels within walking distance to most attractions. I know most people don’t have the luxury of time to spend researching the best hotels in Toronto for their getaway. So, I have done the research for you. All the information that you need to pick a hotel is right here. Also, I now live in Toronto, so you can be rest assured this information is coming from a local.

Where To Stay In Toronto – Summary

If you want to skip the long article. Here is the summary of my picks:

Best Areas In Toronto For Tourists

Toronto is a city of many Neighborhoods. Each neighborhood has a distinct identity, culture and vibe associated with it. Some areas in Toronto are better suited for tourist in terms of convenience. Here’s an infographic that shows you the areas you should pick if you are visiting Toronto for the first time.

Best Area To Stay In Toronto For Tourists
Best Area To Stay In Toronto For Tourists

So, two areas stand out here: Yonge Street and Entertainment District. Basically, the Flipped “L” Shaped area as shown in the map below . The blue markers show the Toronto attractions, green markers show subway stops, red markers show shopping areas. Hotels in Entertainment District is very convenient but also generally very expensive. Whereas, the accommodation around Yonge street are mid-range when it comes to price and very convenient. If you are looking for cheaper accommodation, you may find some in China Town and other areas. Some even have good subway and street car access to downtown and you will be in downtown in about half hour or so. Check my list for Best Budget Hotels In Toronto for such hotels.

Best Areas In Toronto For Tourists – Map

Where To Stay In Toronto – Best Hotels In Downtown Toronto

Here is a list of the best hotels in Toronto in the best neighborhood.

#1. My First Choice For The Best Hotel In Toronto Is The Intercontinental Toronto Centre.

Best Hotels in Toronto: Intercontinental Toronto Centre
Intercontinental Toronto Centre. Pic Credit:

The reason I picked this hotel is:

  1. It’s right next to the CN Tower and Rogers centre and many attractions are within 10 min walking distance.
  2. The hotel is also close to the Union Station , so it’s very easy to get on the subway. You can also board the UP Express from Union Station which takes you to the Toronto Pearson International Airport in 25 minutes.
  3. This convenience of course comes with a price tag of approx. $326 USD/night which is a bit expensive. However, the good news is that they sometimes run discounts when you get the same room for around $200 USD/night.

#2. My Second Choice For The Best hotel To Stay In Toronto Is Delta Hotels By Mariott Toronto.

Best Hotels Toronto: Delta Hotels Toronto
Delta Hotels Toronto. Pic Credit:

Benefits :

  1. This hotel is also in Entertainment District and has excellent location. It’s within walking distance to many attractions, subway stations and UP Express. It comes with slightly lower price tag of approx. $300 USD/night .
  2. The hotel has rooms overlooking the city and the lake. The floor to ceiling glass give fantastic views regardless of where your room is facing. High-end rooms even have bath-tubs with a view of the CN Tower!
  3. Facilities include: Swimming pool, Fitness centres, Facilities for disabled guests , on-site restaurants, WiFi in all areas, Bar and excellent breakfast.

#3. My Third Choice Is The Slightly More Affordable Sheraton Centre Toronto.

Best Hotel Toronto: Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel.
Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel. Pic Credit:
  1. Situated right in front of Toronto City Hall , you are in the heart of the city . The area around this hotel has a great local atmosphere..
  2. This hotel is steps away from the best shopping malls in Toronto CF Eaton Centre and Saks and Hudson Bay .
  3. You also have great access to subway and street cars. The Queen Street Subway Station on Line 1 is just two minutes away and the street car stops right in front of the hotel!.
  4. The hotel has rooms starting from approx. $200 USD/night .
  5. Facilities include: Swimming Pool, Fitness centre, Facilities for disabled guests , Spa, restaurant, bar and breakfast.

Best Mid-range Hotels

Here is my list of the top 3 Mid-range hotels that provide the best bang for your buck.

#1. My First Pick For The Best Mid-range Hotel in Toronto is Econo Lodge Inn & Suites Downtown

Best Mid-range Budget Hotels: Econo Lodge Inn and Suites Downtown Toronto
Econo Lodge Inn and Suites Downtown Toronto. Pic Credit:


  1. The most helpful aspect of this hotel is that it is located in downtown.. It’s located just outside the flipped “L” shaped area I have shown in the map above. This hotel is located on the intersection of Gerrard St. East and Jarvis St.
  2. Major tourist attractions are a lit bit further away but still within walkable distance(approx. 30 min). Street car is a block away (3 min by walk) and College Street Subway Station is just 10 min by walk.
  3. Major shopping and dining streets like Church Street and Yonge Street are also a block or two away
  4. This hotel is Pet-Friendly! – a feature which you will not find in many hotels.
  5. Average price per night is approx. $158 USD/night .

#2. My Second Pick For the Best Mid-range Hotel in Toronto is Holiday Inn Toronto Downtown Centre

Best Mid-range Hotel In Toronto: Holiday Inn Toronto Downtown Centre
Holiday Inn Toronto Downtown Centre. Pic Credit:


  1. This hotel is in the ideal location in Downtown. Located on Carlton street, it is steps away from Yonge street, College Street Subway and streetcar station.
  2. The hotel has good facilities like spa, swimming pool, fitness centre, bar, restaurant, good breakfast and facilities for disabled guests.
  3. Average price per night is approx. 180 USD/night .

#3. My Third Pick For The Best Mid-range Hotel in Toronto is Chelsea Hotel Toronto

Best Mid-range Hotel Toronto: Chelsea Hotel.
Chelsea Hotel. Pic Credit:


  1. This hotel is also in the ideal flipped “L” location of downtown Toronto. Located on Gerrard St. W, very close to Yonge street, this hotel is just a block away from College Street Subway Station and Street Car.
  2. Steps away from the vibrant Yonge Street, great shopping and dinning.
  3. Facilities include swimming pool, fitness centre, good breakfast, bar, facilities for disabled guests, and good Wifi in all areas
  4. Average price per night is approx. 180 USD/night .

Best Luxury Hotels In Toronto

If you are looking for the ultimate luxury, Toronto has many world-class hotels. Here’s my list of the Top 3 Luxury hotels in Toronto.

#1. My First Pick For The Best Luxury Hotel Is The Ritz-Carlton Toronto

Best Luxury Hotel Toronto: The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto. Pic Credit:
The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto. Pic Credit:


  1. Nothing says Luxury better than the Ritz chain of hotels all around the world. The Ritz-carlton Toronto lives up to its brand and provides a luxurious experience.
  2. As expected the Ritz-Carlton Toronto is in an ideal location in the Entertainment District.
  3. Prices of the room start from approx. $450 USD/per night for the Deluxe King/Queen room. However, if you are looking for the ultimate luxury, go for the Luxury King Suite which can cost you approx. $1360 USD/night.

#2. My Second Pick For The Best Luxury Hotel In Toronto Is The Shangri-La Hotel Toronto

Best Luxury Hotels Toronto: Hotel Shangri-La.
Hotel Shangri-La. Pic Credit:


  1. The feeling of luxury is all about “attention to detail” . The Shangri-La Hotel scores very high when it comes to customer service and attention to detail. Check out the glowing reviews this hotel has received from customers on
  2. The floor to ceiling windows in each room of the hotel give amazing sights of the city. Some of the rooms even have a view of the CN Tower.
  3. Prices start from $400 USD/per night. The One-Bedroom suite which has marble flooring can cost approx. $500 USD/per night.

#3. My Third Pick For The Best Luxury Hotel In Toronto Is Four Seasons Hotel Toronto at Yorkville

Best Luxury Hotels Toronto: Four Seasons Hotel Toronto at Yorkville
Four Seasons Hotel Toronto at Yorkville. Pic Credit:
  1. This hotel is located in the popular and affluent area of Yorkville north of Bloor Street in downtown Toronto
  2. Though the hotel is not within walking distance of the CN Tower and other attractions in downtown Toronto, you can easily reach these attractions by car in 10 minutes or board the subway which is very close by.
  3. It is within walking distance to ROM and Bata Shoe Museum and High-end shopping.
  4. The hotel has excellent decor and has rooms starting at $430 USD/per night to $870 USD/per night.

Best Budget Hotels In Toronto

My First Pick For The Best Budget Hotel in Toronto is Toronto Travellers Home

Best Budget Hotel Toronto: Toronto Travellers Home
Toronto Travellers Home. Pic Credit:


  1. The number 1 advantage of this hotel is its location. This hotel is located in Downtown in China Town. It has a great local atmosphere.
  2. It is very close to Kensington Market and Art Gallery Of Ontario
  3. It also has excellent street car access so you can get to all other attractions like the CN Tower, Ripley Aquarium in about 20 mins.
  4. Price of hotel rooms with shared bathrooms are very affordable at approx. $66 USD/per night. Some rooms even have private bathrooms.

My Second Pick For The Best Budget Hotel is West Queen West Hotel

Best Budget Hotel Toronto: West Queen West Hotel, Toronto
West Queen West Hotel, Toronto. Pic Credit:


  1. The West Queen West Hotel is an excellent budget option. The rooms are well-kept and clean according to’s reviews and it’s one of their best sellers.
  2. The hotel has excellent street car access. There is a direct street car line to Downtown which you can board right in front of the hotel and be in downtown in 48 min.
  3. They have Free Wifi available in all areas of the hotel
  4. For people who want privacy, there are rooms with private bathrooms as well. The rooms with shared bathrooms are obviously cheaper. Prices are around $74 USD/night.

My Third Pick For The Best Budget Hotel is Isabella Hotel & Suites


  1. Isabella Hotel & Suites is a great option for people who want the convenience of central location and don’t want to compromise on privacy
  2. Located in Downtown and steps away from Sherbourne subway station, the hotel is very convenient to visit all tourist attractions.
  3. All rooms come with their own private bathroom. So low-budget doesn’t mean you have to give up privacy
  4. Price per night is approx. 100 USD/night.

I hope this hotel guide helps you find suitable accommodation in Toronto. Please plan and book your accommodation early as the hotels in Toronto get booked very quickly, months in advance, during peak tourist season April – September. The advantage of using, I find, is that they have free cancellation on some rooms. So, even if your plans are not set in stone, you can book the rooms immediately. If your plans change, you can cancel with zero cost to you as long as you cancel within the specified time.

If you need any help planning your visit to Toronto or have any specific questions about Toronto, feel free to ask me by commenting on the post. You may find my post on Top 25 free things to do in Toronto helpful. It may save you some money on some Toronto attractions if you time your visit right.

If you find this post helpful, please share with your friends and family on social media.

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Where To Stay In Toronto - Best Hotel Guide For Tourists
Where To Stay In Toronto – Best Hotel Guide For Tourists

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    • Pari Reply

      Thank you. I hope the recommendations are useful to you on your next visit!

  1. LOL a real taste of home this was – I’m from London Ontario and love reading about my home Province and my favourite thing to do was visit Toronto. Love Chinatown, Kensington Market not to mention the Distillery District. Some excellent choices of hotels here really well done.

    • Pari Reply

      Thank you Faith :). I hope you visit Toronto soon. We are having a pleasant summer.

  2. I have still yet to visit Canada, probably because the cold scares me! But this is a great help for when I’m planning my trip to Canada!

    • Pari Reply

      Hi there, Thank you for commenting :). Many people have an impression that Canada is cold year round. However, it’s not really true.
      In Toronto, we have snow only from December to April. Rest of the year we have pleasant/warm weather. In summer(June to August) the temperatures
      range from 25 degree celsius to 33 degree celsius (almost too hot!). I hope you take that into consideration and make future plans to visit Canada.
      It’s a lovely, unspoiled country.

  3. Loved your article on Toronto. You have posted all the needed info that will be so useful for travelers planning to be there.

    • Pari Reply

      Thank you Indu :). I am glad you found it useful. I hope other travelers to Toronto will find it useful too.

    • Pari Reply

      Thanks Sakina, feel free to reach out to me for tips in case you visit πŸ™‚

  4. Had a lot of fun reading this post as I am from Toronto and still live here! I think you’ve certainly identified places to maximize your time in the city. The Shangri-La certainly has the best restaurants, so if it’s good food you are after that would be a top pick!

    • Pari Reply

      Thanks Lauren. It’s great to get a fellow torontonian’s (had to google this word LOL) stamp of approval. A high compliment πŸ™‚

  5. I would so love to travel to Toronto, it looks amazing. I have to research hotels for their disabled access too, but thank you for this info if I ever I go at least I have an idea of where best to start my searches.

    • Pari Reply

      Thank you Kate. I am so happy that you found the post helpful. Feel free to reach out to me for any questions/tips on Toronto if you visit sometime.

  6. Great information, as a Canadian I am ashamed to say I have never been to Toronto! (shh Don’t tell!!) But when I do this is a great list of hotels! Every budget is hit, great job at doing research.

  7. Thanks for your recommendations on places to stay in Toronto. Booking a hotel is one of the most difficult task when you are making bookings without seeing the place. Thanks for highlighting about the 13% tax and 4% city tax in Toronto as that can be overlooked when budgeting!

  8. Ah this will be so useful when we visit Toronto! The matrix comparison of the different areas is such a simple yet brilliant idea. I haven’t seen it on other blogs before. Makes it very quick and easy to look for what I need πŸ™‚

    • Pari Reply

      Thank You Alex, I am glad you found it helpful. It is always satisfying when someone finds what you have done useful :).

    • Pari Reply

      Thank you Sarah. I personally love staying at apartments rented on Airbnb since my trips are longer(more than a month). I definitely recommend staying at Airbnbs in Toronto. There are some very nice ones right in Entertainment District that rent out the whole apartment at a slightly lower price than the hotels in the area.
      I will write another post about it recommending the best ones. I will update this comment when I do so that you can check it out.

  9. You have done such a fabulous job listing the most recommended hotels in Toronto! This is so informative for visitors going their for the first time.

  10. I love how you’ve incorporated the graphics into this post. I would definitely love to visit Toronto and you’ve listed some pretty amazing hotels to stay at!

    • Pari Reply

      Thank you Yeshi. I am a believer of pictures speak louder than words. I wanted the post to inform people, at a glance, about where to stay in Toronto and the best areas. I am glad that my message has come across.

  11. Very helpful information! This is quite a detailed post on the list of great hotels in Totonto including luxury and budget ones. It seems you’ve done a lot of research on this. I agree it’s difficult to choose the best suited hotel when you have so many choices. Thanks for this great list. Saving it for future.

    • Pari Reply

      Thank You Shaily :). I hope this list helps you in future.

  12. Well, I don’t have plans for going to Toronto, but I love how you classify the hotels. It just becomes so easy to find the one that is suitable for you.

  13. This is such a comprehensive guide, love the ticks you’ve put together! This will really help so many people get the experience they want most out of Toronto.

  14. I really appreciate that “best Toronto neighborhoods for tourists” graphic. That’s really handy. Toronto is high on my list of cities to visit, and I have some friends there, too, so this guide is going to come in handy for sure.

    • Pari Reply

      Thank You Jessica. I hope you do use my guide to find a hotel when you visit Toronto.

  15. It’s always so nice hearing about where to stay and what to do in a place before visiting. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I love that you have a mix of everything from affordable to luxury! Not gonna lie, the Ritz sounds pretty amazing. Let me just round up $1500 haha

  17. Toronto seems awesome, but these places are way out of reach for me as a solo traveler. Are there any hostels that might be more budget friendly?

    • Pari Reply

      Sure, there are some hostels and some good airbnbs for a budget traveller. I will make a separate post about just affordable hostels. I will update you then.

  18. If I ever get a chance to step my feet in Canada, I think Toronto is the best place to explore their urban life. I love how you provide the infographics with the pros and cons of staying in each area. That’s super helpful. Not sure when I will be able to go there, but I’ll definitely keep this post for the reference. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Awesome post!! I’ve never been to Toronto, but I’ve only heard great things about it! And your post definitely makes me want to go even more. But, now I know where to stay, where to go, and much more. Thanks for the great post!

  20. I keep meaning to visit Toronto! This is great info for planning my trip…maybe I’ll get up there for jazz fest some year.

  21. Last I stayed in Toronto, I stayed at the InterContinental and it was in a wonderful location! Easy access to many of the sights. Only downside was it was a bit far from Casa Loma but it was still fairly easy to get to this sight.

  22. I really like the way you deep into explain things and sort things out. The images and lists are so well done.
    Thanks for your post. I will follow your blog from now on!

    • Pari Reply

      Thank you gonca. I am really happy that you enjoyed the post. That’s the best compliment ever πŸ™‚

  23. I love that you did that chart- that is so helpful more than seeing it all in writing!! I hope to make it to Toronto soon since I am only a short plane ride away!!

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      Thank you Lori :). I am glad you found the information useful.

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