Things to do in Krabi Thailand: Watch the sunset at Aonang Beach

Krabi Travel Guide: Top Things to Do and See in Thailand’s Paradise

Krabi is a dream destination for beach lovers and adventure seekers. This stunning province in Thailand has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, as well as amazing islands, caves, waterfalls, and temples. Whether you want to relax on the sand, snorkel in the clear water, climb the limestone cliffs, or explore the famous Phi-Phi islands, Krabi has something for everyone. In this article, we will show you all the things to do in Krabi for a perfect relaxing vacation. We will also recommend some of the best hotels and tours in Krabi that you can book online with great deals.

Where to stay in Krabi Thailand- best areas and hotels for tourists

Krabi has a wide range of accommodation options to suit every budget and preference. You can choose from luxury resorts, boutique hotels, family-friendly hotels, budget hotels, and more. Here are our top recommendations for hotels in Krabi that are steps away from Ao Nang Beach:

1. Panan Krabi Resort

This is one of the best family-friendly hotels in Krabi, located close to the beach and the shops and restaurants of Ao Nang. The hotel has spacious rooms with room service, an onsite golf course, a kid’s club, a fitness center and a pool. You can book this hotel online here.

2. Aonang Phu Pi Maan Resort and Spa

This is another great option for families or couples, located a short distance from the beach with a shuttle service. The hotel has cozy rooms with balconies overlooking the pool or the mountain, a spa, a restaurant and a bar. You can book this hotel online here.

3. Sea Seeker Krabi Resort

This is a modern and stylish hotel, located near the beach and the nightlife of Ao Nang. The hotel has a pool with a water slide and a pool bar, a fitness center, a restaurant and a cafe. The rooms are bright and comfortable, with free wifi and smart TVs. You can book this hotel online here.

Top Things to do in Krabi Thailand

1. Explore the Phi Phi Islands by Speedboat: A Day of Adventure and Relaxation

If you want to experience the beauty and adventure of the Phi Phi Islands in one day, this speedboat tour from Krabi is the perfect choice for you. You will visit some of the most iconic spots in the archipelago, such as Maya Bay, where the movie “The Beach” was filmed, Monkey Beach, where you can see wild monkeys, and Viking Cave, where you can learn about the local bird’s nest industry. You will also have plenty of time to snorkel in the crystal-clear water and see colorful fish and coral reefs. Enjoy a delicious buffet lunch on Phi Phi Don Island and relax on the white sand beaches. This tour includes hotel pickup and drop-off, snorkeling equipment, lunch, and an English-speaking guide. Book your seat now and get ready for an unforgettable day in paradise.

2. Discover the Hidden Paradise of Hong Island on a Speedboat Tour from Krabi

If you are looking for a day of adventure and relaxation in Krabi, you should not miss the Hong Island tour by speedboat. This tour will take you to one of the most beautiful islands in the Andaman Sea, where you can enjoy the pristine nature, the turquoise water and the white sand. You will have a chance to snorkel among colorful fish and coral reefs, kayak around the hidden lagoon of Hong Island, and relax on the beach with a delicious lunch. You will also visit other islands in the Hong archipelago, such as Pakbia Island, Lading Island and Daeng Island, each with its own charm and beauty. This tour is suitable for all ages and skill levels, and includes hotel pickup and drop-off, speedboat transfer, snorkeling and kayaking equipment, lunch, fruit, water and an English-speaking guide. Claim your seat now and prepare for a marvelous day.

3. Krabi’s Natural Splendor: A Tour to Emerald Pool, Blue Lagoon, and Tiger Cave Temple

Here is another paragraph I wrote with a different intro and a more personal tone:

One of the best days I had in Krabi was when I visited the Tiger Cave Temple, the Blue Lagoon and the Emerald Pool. These are not just tourist attractions, they are also amazing natural wonders that showcase the beauty and diversity of Thailand. The Tiger Cave Temple is a place of peace and meditation. Getting there can be a bit strenous as it’s located on a high mountain, and you have to climb 1260 steps to get there. It sounds hard, and it is but trust me, it is totally worth it. The view from the top is breathtaking, and you can see the whole valley and the sea. After the climb, you can relax on the next stop to the Blue Lagoon and the Emerald Pool are two magical pools of water that look like they came out of a fairy tale. They are filled with natural hot spring water that comes from deep underground, and they have a lovely temperature of 35 – 42 °C. You can swim and relax in these pools, feeling the healing power of the water and the nature around you. The pools have different colors, from green to blue, depending on the sunlight and the minerals in the water. They are also surrounded by a dense jungle and many butterflies that add to the charm. These three places are a must-see in Krabi, and they will make you appreciate the wonders of nature and culture in Thailand. Buy the private tour that starts early in the morning and lets you enjoy the Emerald Pool all by yourself before the crowds come in. Grab your tickets to this fast-selling tour here.

4. Spend Half-Day with Rescued Elephants at Ao Nang Sanctuary

If you are looking for a fun and meaningful way to spend a day in Krabi, you should check out the Ao Nang Elephant Sanctuary. This is a place where you can interact with rescued elephants in their natural environment. These elephants have been saved from abusive or exploitative situations and given a new chance at life at the sanctuary. They don’t have to perform or carry anyone, they just get to enjoy being elephants. You will have an opportunity to feed them some delicious bananas, which they will appreciate very much. Then you will join them in a mud bath, which is a great way to cool off and bond with them. They will show you their playful and happy side, as they splash and roll in the mud. You will also help them wash up in a pond and brush their skin. They will be very gentle and friendly with you, and you will feel their gratitude for your care. The guide will be very informative and helpful, and he will take some wonderful photos of you and the elephants. The tour will also include a snack, seasonal fruit, and a drink, which will be very refreshing after all the activity. The transfer from your hotel will be smooth and convenient. This tour will be one of the highlights of your trip to Krabi, and you will not regret it. You will have a lot of fun and make a positive difference for the elephants. Book this fun-filled trip here.

5. Discover the Secrets of Thai Cuisine: A Hands-on Cooking Class in Krabi

If you love Thai food and want to learn how to make it yourself, this is the perfect opportunity for you. You will have a fun and interactive lesson with a qualified and friendly Thai chef who will teach you everything you need to know. You will get to choose the Thai dishes you want to cook, from pad thai to green curry, and use fresh and local ingredients. You will also learn about the amazing Thai herbs and spices that add so much flavor and fragrance to your food. You can adjust your dishes to your liking, whether you are vegetarian or not a fan of spicy food. At the end of the lesson, you will enjoy your own creations and take home some great tips and recipes to surprise your family and friends with your Thai cooking skills. Don’t miss this chance to learn how to cook Thai food like a pro. Book this Thai cooking class today and have a delicious and memorable experience.

6. Rent a scooter

Things to do in Krabi Thailand: Rent a scooter
Rent a scooter

If you want to explore the beautiful scenery and attractions of Krabi, renting a scooter can be a convenient and affordable option. You can find many scooter rental services in Ao Nang, Klong Muang, Tub Kaek and other areas of Krabi. Some of them offer free delivery and pick up to your hotel, no passport deposit, and fast online booking. You can choose from different models and prices of scooters, depending on your preference and budget. The average cost of renting a scooter in Krabi is around 200 baht per day, with a minimum of 3 days and a deposit of 2500 baht. You will also need a copy of your passport and a valid driver’s license.

7. Hire a lon-tail boat to Railay Beach from Aonang Beach

Things to do in Krabi Thailand: Hire a long-tail boat to Railay Beach
Hire a long-tail boat to Railay Beach

If you are looking for a slice of heaven in Krabi, you should definitely hire a long-tail boat to Railay Beach from Aonang beach. Railay Beach is a hidden gem that you can only reach by boat, as it is cut off from the mainland by huge limestone cliffs. You can easily find a long-tail boat at either end of Aonang beach, near the Ao Nang Longtail Boat Service Club counters. You can get a ticket for 100 baht per person one way or 200 baht return, and you don’t need to worry about booking ahead. The long-tail boats leave as soon as they fill up with passengers (usually nine). The ride takes about 15 minutes and you will land at Railay Beach West, where you can relax on the soft sand, swim in the clear water, and admire the stunning views. You can also have fun exploring the other beaches and attractions of Railay, such as Phra Nang Cave, Tonsai Beach, and rock climbing.

8. Hike the Tab Kak Hang Nak Nature trail

Things to do in Krabi:  Hike the Tab Kak Hang Nak Nature trail
Hike the Tab Kak Hang Nak Nature trail

If you are looking for a nice hike in Krabi, you should check out the Tab Kak Hang Nak nature trail. It’s close to the Tub Kaek beach and it’s surrounded by beautiful forest. The hike is not too hard and you can finish it in a few hours. The trail begins with a lovely creek, where I had a lot of fun and ends with a waterfall and a stunning view from a cliff. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the end because I wore the wrong shoes and the trail was rough. So make sure you wear proper footwear and enjoy the hike.

9. Enjoy the Night Market at Krabi

Things to do in Krabi Thailand: Enjoy the night market
Enjoy the night market in Krabi

One of the highlights of visiting Krabi is the night market, which is near the Nopharrat Thara beach. You can taste a variety of Thai dishes, both sweet and savory, at this vibrant market. I loved the cream-filled crispy crêpe, which was so delicious. If you are feeling adventurous and have a strong stomach, you can also try some exotic Thai snacks – fried insects! You can find scorpions, maggots, spiders, beetles, and grasshoppers on skewers, fried to a crisp. The night market is not only a place to eat, but also to shop and enjoy. You can buy souvenirs, clothes, handicrafts, and more at this lively market. You can also watch live music and dance performances on a stage while you munch on your food.

10. Visit the beaches of Krabi Mainland

Things to do in Krabi Thailand: Relax on Nopparat Thara beach
Relax on Nopparat Thara beach

Krabi mainland has some beautiful beaches that you can enjoy during your stay. Nopparat Thara beach is the most scenic one, with stunning views of the limestone cliffs that Krabi and Phi Phi islands are famous for. This is also where most of the tours to Phi Phi islands depart from, so it can get quite busy. But don’t worry, there is enough space for everyone to relax on the sand and swim in the sea. Aonang beach is the most popular and lively beach in Krabi, with plenty of hotels, restaurants, bars, and shops nearby. This is a great place to stay if you want to be close to the action and have easy access to other attractions in Krabi. You can also find many long-tail boats here that can take you to other beaches and islands. Tub Kaek beach is the most secluded and quiet beach in Krabi, perfect for those who want to escape the crowds and enjoy some peace and tranquility. You may recognize this beach from ‘The Hangover 2’ movie, but not many people know about it. I discovered it by chance when I was going to the Tab Kak Hang Nak nature trail and I was amazed by how serene and beautiful it was. I hope it stays that way and doesn’t get spoiled by too many tourists.

As you can see from the post, Krabi is a wonderful destination for anyone who loves nature, culture, and adventure. There are so many things to do in Krabi that you will never get bored. You can explore the stunning beaches and islands, hike the scenic trails, visit the ancient temples, enjoy the delicious food, and experience the vibrant nightlife. Krabi has something for everyone, whether you are looking for a relaxing getaway or an exciting holiday. So don’t hesitate and book your trip to Krabi today. You will not regret it.


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