I often thought and lived by the rule : Save your income in your 20’s and travel in your 30’s. Now that I am in my 30’s, I realize I should have started travelling more in my 20’s. Here are 8 reasons why you should travel in your 20’s:

1. Travel at the peak of your health:

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It’s a known fact that as you age, you grow weaker. You will never look and feel as good as you do in your 20’s. Your metabolism rate is high and so is your energy. You have energy to hike all day and party all night. Past 30 this schedule feels tiring. You will most likely complete half the hike and turn in for the day

2. Your horizons will expand with travel:

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Latest research has shown that the human brain is still growing in the early 20’s. So, you are more open to trying new things, taking on daring things and learning from it. As you age, you become more careful and are less open to adventurous activities.

3. Learn through your travel experiences:

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When you interact with people from other cultures and see how they live, your mind broadens beyond your own life experiences. You develop a new appreciation and view of life in general.

4. Travelling makes you attractive to other people:

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People will find you more fascinating. A well-traveled person always has interesting anecdotes to share.

5. Travel is more economical when young

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In your 20’s you are more open to backpacking, sleeping in youth hostels and have the strength and energy to lug that heavy bag around. In your 30’s anything less than a 3-star hotel sounds disgusting. Also, you would probably be married with kids. So everything will end up costing more.

6. Your responsibilities are going to increase:

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When you are in your 20’s, you have only yourself to look after. All that you save from your income can go towards your trip. As you near your 30’s you are looking at marriage, kids and a mortgage. Your savings will go towards kids education, birthday gifts, house repairs, cars… the list is endless.

7. War, Natural disasters may happen any time

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You can never predict how life is going to turn out. War, natural disasters may happen any day. The places you wanted to see may not even exist in the future. This may be a bit extreme but when you read the news now a days, it doesn’t seem impossible.

8. Reminisce about your travels in your old age:

Credit:  (CC BY-NC 2.0) by whitecat sg

You will have fond memories of travel and adventure to reminisce in your old age. You will be lucky, if your health and wealth permits you to travel when you are old.

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