Imagine.. you are sitting among the clouds overlooking a picturesque lake having a hot cup of tea while taking bites of the delicious Apple Crumble served to you on a plate. No, this is not fiction. You can actually do this at Lake Agnes Tea House at Lake Louise!

Lake Louise, as many may already know, is a world-famous lake renowned for its emerald hue. Millions of visitors, every year, visit the lake to admire its beauty. However, most people who visit don’t know that there’s another lake in close proximity – Lake Agnes.

Hike to Lake Agnes Tea House from Lake Louise.
Hiking Trail From Lake Louise.

Getting to this other lake, Lake Agnes, from Lake Louise is a bit of a hike. The hiking trail starts from the lakeshore of Lake Louise as shown in the picture here. You will see signposts all along the lake guiding you to the hiking trail.

Getting to Lake Agnes takes some effort. However, I assure you, it’s definitely worth the climb. When you reach the end of the hike, there’s not only the lake waiting for you, there’s also a quaint tea house, called the Lake Agnes Tea House, ready to serve you tea.

So, now that you are pumped up for the hike, here’s the information you need before you set out…

Information about the hiking trail

The hiking trail starts from the lakeshore of Lake Louise right in front of Fairmont Lake Louise Chateau. It’s easy to spot the signboards along the lakeshore as well.

Length of hiking trail :

3.8 km one way



Average time required:

1.5 to 2 hrs one way

Elevation Gained:




Hours and Days Of Operation of Lake Agnes Tea House

The tea house is open from June 4 to Oct 10 from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm.

What you see along the way

Half way through the hike to Lake Agnes Tea House
Half way through the hike to Lake Agnes Tea House

The first part of the trail is quite monotonous and there isn’t much to see as a heavy cover of trees on the lakeside blocks everything. At times, the trees part a bit and the brilliant blues and greens of Lake Louise shine through. These are also good spots to rest up and click a few pics on the uphill climb.

It’s only after halfway through the hike, that density of the trees thin out giving way to some gorgeous scenery. The tops of the trees still block out views of Lake Louise from the top. However, you will still see some amazing scenery and have a “in the clouds” kind of feeling.

Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake is a small circular lake on the way to Lake Agnes
Mirror Lake on the way to Lake Agnes

When you cross the 3.0 km mark, you will come across a small circular lake called the Mirror Lake. I was curious as to why it’s named so. When I googled the reason, I found out that it’s called Mirror Lake because it looks like a hand mirror when seen from the top. This is not immediately obvious here. If you hike up to the Big Beehive viewpoint, you can see the top view of Mirror Lake.

At this point, it’s very tempting to just sit there for a while and call it a day but I promise you, a better view awaits you. So, get your legs moving

The Waterfall near Lake Agnes

Waterfall on the hiking trail to Lake Agnes tea house
Waterfall At Lake Agnes

The first sign that you are approaching the end of the hike, is the sound of falling water. Soon, you’ll see the small waterfall created by the overflowing water from Lake Agnes. I’m sure you’ll pause here for more photos and videos like I did. Only, the promise of tea and cookies made me move from this spot and climb up the stairs that lead to the Lake Agnes Tea House.

Lake Agnes

Lake Agnes Tea house is located beside this beautiful lake. Hike upto to this beautiful lake from Lake Louise
Hike to Lake Agnes from Lake Louise. Pic Credit: kwluth (Pixabay)

At the top of the stairs, the crystal clear water of the Lake Agnes greets you. Frankly, I think that this lake should have been named the Mirror Lake as the mountains surrounding the lakes, on a clear day, are perfectly reflected on the still surface of the lake. The reflection of the mountains makes for some wonderful Insta-worthy photos. Beside the lake, you’ll see a log cabin that is the Lake Agnes Tea House.

Lake Agnes Tea House

The Lake Agnes Tea House is not just any tea house. It’s Canada’s oldest tea house. The original building was constructed by Canadian Pacific Railways (CPR) as a stopover for hikers in 1901, which was later converted to a tea house in 1905. However, the tea house that stands next to Lake Agnes today is not the same log building built by CPR. The log structure was replaced in 1981. Fortunately, you can still find some remnants of the original tea house. For example, the tables, the chairs, and the windows are still the same as was used in the original building.

If you hike up there during peak tourist time, you’ll likely find that the tea house is crowded. When I visited, I was very lucky to bag a seat quickly. As I was ravenous, I lost no time in placing an order of tea, chocolate chip cookies and Apple Crumble.

While waiting for your order, notice the menu. The story and history of the tea house is proudly displayed on the back. When I read it, I was surprised to find that the tea house had no electricity and everything on the menu was freshly prepared every day. The staff, which mainly consisted of students on their summer break, live at the tea house during the summer months. I was in awe of the staff when I read that they hike up the same trail, that I struggled to complete, 2-4 times every week with goods and supplies. I was so impressed, I tipped my waiter 50% and I thought it was the most well-deserved tip I have given to date.

Please remember to bring Canadian/US Cash or traveler’s cheques with you. Your debit/credit cards won’t work here.

Further Journeys

If the tea has restored your energy, you may consider continuing the hike to Little Beehive, Big Beehive and Devil’s Scree for some breathtaking views of Lake Louise and Mirror Lake . However, if your fitness levels match mine, you may just prefer to head back to Lake Louise and call it a day!

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Hike to Lake Agnes Tea House
Hike to Lake Agnes Tea House


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  2. This kind of hiking is on my bucket list. I want to travel to this kind of place. Unfortunately, I would need to save a lot of money just to go there. But I still dream that someday I would get to travel to that kind of place.

    • Pari Reply

      I truly hope that you are able to save and travel to beautiful spots like this. All the best!

  3. These hikes looks awesome. I love Canada and I’ve never really explored the Lake Louise area. We’re headed to the country for a quick break in January so maybe we’ll have a look around then. 🙂

    • Pari Reply

      Hi Joe,
      Thank you for your comment. It’s great that you are going to Canada. However, I am not sure these hikes will be open during January as it is peak winter. Most hikes and trails are closed during that time due to dangerous conditions. Check before you set out. The tea house is open only from June 4 to October 10.

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