Someshwar is a Mangalore Beach.

Mangalore Beaches – A complete guide to the top beaches

Mangalore beaches, in South India, are some of the most pristine beaches you’ll find in the country unspoiled by heavy tourist traffic.

Growing up, I spent my summer holidays in Mangalore and Panambur beach was my favorite beach to visit. I’ve also explored the other beaches I’ve listed here except for Surathkal beach. Nonetheless, I have included this beach in the list of Mangalore beaches for the sake of completeness of this article.

If you are planning a visit, find all the info you need such as how to get to there, facilities, food and things to do below:

1. Panambur Beach

Mangalore Beaches - Panambur beach
Mangalore Beaches – Panambur beach

Panambur beach is Mangalore’s most popular beach. Even though, this beach is located in an industrial/ port area and the road leading up to the beach is dirty and unappealing, it still draws the crowds.

The crowd is at the peak during weekends when Mangaloreans visit the beachfront to enjoy the waves and catch the sunset. If you prefer beaches with a calmer atmosphere, you can either visit this beach on weekdays or explore other Mangalore beaches I have listed below.

Facilities at Panambur Beach

Paid toilets, lifeguards, paid parking.

Things to do at Panambur Beach

Mangalore Beaches - Panambur Beach
Kiddy Corner at Panambur Beach

Panambur beach is a great place for a family outing. There’s a small kiddy corner with amusement and horse rides that kids will like. You can also buy toys for beach use at the shops near the entrance. For adults, there are jet ski, kayaks, boating, surfing facilities available. The beach is also safe for swimming. There are trained lifeguards available for safety. You can also go dolphin viewing here.

Water sports at Panambur Beach
Water sports at Panambur Beach

Panambur beach is street-food galore. There are many stalls selling snacks, ice-cream, and cool drinks right at the beach or near the entrance. If you are unfamiliar with Indian street food, try Churmuri, Bhelpuri, Pani Puri, and Sugarcane juice.

Panambur beach also plays host to festivals such as the Kite festival and Beach festival, also known as Karavali Utsava, every year. This is a good time to visit the beach when you’ll be able to enjoy food, cultural events and other activities that are organized as part of the festival.

How to get there?

By Car

Take the NH 66 road to Panambur Beach Road. Turn west towards Panambur Beach Road, where you’ll see the Ambuja Cement Factory, and drive 1.2KM till you arrive at the beach.

By Bus

In the above map, Panambur Beach and Panambur beach bus stop are marked. If you go by bus, it’s a 1.2KM walk from the bus stop to the beach. The buses that stop at this bus stop are State Bank to Katipalla (45), State Bank to Chokkabettu (45A, 45B), State Bank to Kaikamba (45C), State Bank to Kuthethur (45D), State Bank to Kaithakurneri(45E), State Bank to Kaikamba(45F), State Bank to Janatha Colony(45G), State Bank to Madhyapadavu(45H), State Bank to Tibar(53), Moodushedde to Kuthethoor(64) and Bengare to Bajpe(2B).

2. Tannirbhavi beach/Thaneer Bhavi Beach

Mangalore Beaches - Tannirbhavi beach
Mangalore Beaches – See the fishing boat at Tannirbhavi beach

Tannirbhavi beach, also spelled as Thaneer Bhavi or Tannir Bavi beach, is another well-known beach in Mangalore. I prefer this beach to Panambur beach as it’s less crowded and much cleaner. On weekends, you can see some vendors and activities on the beach. However, during weekdays it’s mostly deserted. A word of caution though. When you visit Tannirbhavi beach don’t go alone. Some unsavory activities have been reported in these areas.

Mangalore Beaches - Rusted Iron Pillars on Tannirbhavi beach
Mangalore Beaches – Rusted Iron Pillars on Tannirbhavi Beach

Tannirbhavi beach has an unusual feature. You’ll find rusted remains of iron pillars in some areas as shown in the picture above. This is quite dangerous and can cause injury if you are inattentive. There’s a board warning people not to walk or swim in this part of the beach. However, this area has not been closed off. So, be careful.

Facilities at Tannirbhavi beach

Paid toilets, lifeguards, paid parking.

Things to do at Tannirbhavi beach

Mangalore Beaches - Water sports at Tannirbhavi beach
Mangalore Beaches – Water sports at Tannirbhavi beach

Tannirbhavi beach has a small play area for kids. There are some swings, see-saws and joy rides that kids will enjoy. On weekends you may also find camel and horse rides on the beach.

Nearby, at Gurupura river, there are some facilities for watersports. However, the organisers are not available at the river at all times. Call the watersports company in advance to make arrangements. Their contact details are as shown in the picture above.

If you continue along Tannirbhavi beach road, past the beach, you’ll come across Tannir Bavi Tree park, a small park that has sculptures showing local life and traditions. It’s worth a visit. You can also take a ferry to the Sulthan Battery near the Our Lady of Fathima Church. At Sultan Battery, you can see the historic watch tower constructed by Tipu Sultan in 1784. There’s a small beach there as well.

How to get there?

By Car

Tannirbhavi beach is located near Kuloor bridge. The best way to get to Tannirbhavi beach is by car or rickshaw. Take the NH 66 towards Kuloor bridge. Just after the bridge, turn west on to Tannirbhavi beach road. Keep driving on Tannirbhavi beach road till you arrive at the beach.

By Bus:

There’s no direct public transport to Tannirbhavi beach. The only available option is to get a bus to Sulthan Battery (16 and 16A from State Bank), then take a ferry across Gurupura river. From there, it’s a 2.1 km walk to the beach as shown in the map above.

3. Sasihitlu Beach

Sasihithlu Beach is a secluded beach far away from the humdrum of the city. It’s an ideal getaway for someone looking for a quiet weekend.

The beach is picture perfect with driftwood and Mangrove trees lining the banks of river Shambhavi and Pavanje Estuary. The sand near the estuary is so fine, that it looks almost white. The Mangrove trees that grow on the banks of river Shambavi add to the beauty of the beach. You can see the roots of the Mangroves sticking out of the soil due to the lack of oxygen near the estaury.

As Sasihitlu beach is in a secluded area. It’s not advisable to go to the beach alone.

Facilities at Sasihitlu Beach

Paid parking, toilets, a couple of food stalls. The parking fee for vehicles is Rs. 10 for two-wheelers, Rs. 20 for cars, jeeps and vans, Rs. 100 for tempo and Rs. 250 for buses for a period of 2 hours.

Things to do in Sasihitlu Beach

Best Mangalore Beaches: Sasihitlu beach
Mangalore Beaches: Sasihitlu beach

Compared to Panambur beach and Tannir Bavi beach, this beach is practically bare-bones. Apart from a one or two shop selling some snacks and cool drinks, other facilities are lacking. The Pavanje estuary is a good spot for fishing. If you are interested in fishing, then get your fishing rod and bait along.

Sasihitlu beach also hosts the Indian Open Of Surfing, Karnataka Surfing festival, anually. Click on the linked website to know more about the surfing event.

How to get there?

By Car:

The location of Sasihitlu beach is shown in the map above. The best way to get to Sasihitlu beach is by car/ bike or rickshaw. Sasihitlu beach is located near Srinivas hospital on NH66. Near Sasihitlu hospital, next to Mukka bus stand, turn towards Sasihitlu road. Continue on Sasihitlu road, till you get a fork in the road. The left fork leads to Mukka beach supposedly. However, when I visited, it just lead to a dead end. The right fork leads to Sasihitlu beach. Keep driving till you arrive at Sasihitlu beach at the end of the road.

This route has a toll gates. Mangalore localities don’t need to pay anything and can take the side road. However, if you are from outside the city and your car number plate indicates it, you may have to pay a fee.

By Bus:

From Statebank, there’s a bus that goes to Sasihitlu beach, Statebank- Sasihitlu (2A). There’s a bus stop close to the beach. From there, it’s an 8 min walk to the beach.

4. Someshwara beach

Someshwara beach is located in Ullal on the outskirts of Mangalore. The beach derives its name from the Shiva temple that stands beside it.

The beach has a number of stones and boulders on the shore. Many people climb it to take pictures. However, please be careful. The boulders are slippery; many people fall and get swept away by the sea. The currents in this part are also unpredictable and dangerous. It has claimed many lives so don’t attempt to swim here.

Things to do in Someshwara beach

Mangalore Beach: Someshwara beach.
Steps leading up to Someshwara Temple

Someshwara beach is right next to the Someshwara temple. There are a set of stairs leading upto the temple from the beach as shown in the picture.

The temple is said to have been built in the 10 century A.D. by the Alupa Dynasty. The temple is also known as Rudrapada Kshetra, a place where the last rites of the deceased are conducted. The ashes of the deceased are then scattered in the ocean.

The beach doesn’t have many facilities apart from a paid toilet. The paid toilet was closed when I visited. So don’t count on it. The parking is just street parking.

How to get there?

It’s best to visit Someshwara beach by car/ motorcycle or rickshaw. There are no buses that go up to the beach. However, there’s a bus, State Bank to Someshawar (44A), that goes to the area.

Surathkal Beach

Mangalore beaches - Surathkal beach
Mangalore Beaches: Surathkal Beach. Picture credit: Pranavjee, Surathkal Lighthouse1, Image resized by Pari, CC BY 3.0

Surathkal is another beach in the vicinity of Mangalore city. It’s located in Surathkal locality of Mangalore which is famed for its engineering college – NITK (National Institute of Technology Karnataka).

As I mentioned above, I have not visited this beach personally yet. However, I’ve heard the locals rave that this is one of Mangalore’s best and cleanest beaches.

Since the beach is away from the city, it is not crowded. The beach is mostly visited by students who attend NITK institute and by a few local people on weekends. So, just like Sasihitlu beach, this beach is great for a quiet getaway.

Things to do in Surathkal beach

The lighthouse, as shown in the picture, is a point of interest when you visit Surathkal beach. It’s located at the far end of the beach away from the beach gate. Climb to the top of the lighthouse for spectacular views of the water and the surrounding area.

From the top of the lighthouse, you’ll be able to see a semicircular tiled roof of the Shree Sadashiva Mahaganapati temple. You can reach this temple via the road adjacent to the lighthouse or directly from the beach. However, the path from the beach is rough and takes you on boulders which may become sliperry during rain.

Apart from the beach, there’s not much to do here. There may be a few food vendors on weekends. So, pack a picnic if you are headed there. If you are into beach hopping, Mukka beach and Sasihitlu beach are closeby.

How to get to Surathkal beach?

By Car:

The blue line in the map above shows the route from Mangalore city bus stand to Surathkal beach gate. If you want to go directly to the lighthouse and also avoid the toll gate, take a diversion at the NTK beach road as shown by the red line( zoom in to see the red line).

I hope you found this information about Mangalore beaches useful. If so, please share on social media and pin it. Thanks!

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