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The Office Experience : A Review

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Are you a fan of the TV Series “The Office”? Do you chuckle every time Jim pranks Dwight? Do you imagine yourself being part of an epic office romance like Jim and Pam? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will enjoy “The Office Experience“, which is a fully immersive and interactive celebration of the show.

I have been a fan of “The Office” for a long time. It has been one of my comfort shows and I have binge-watched the entire series when it streamed on Netflix. It was my comedic relief during the lockdowns of 2021. So, when I was offered tickets to the immersive experience of the show, I jumped at the offer. Even though the experience is sponsored, all the opinions of the experience are genuine and my own.

The Office Experience

Is the Premium Ticket worth it?

If you reside in Toronto, you can get tickets to “The Office Experience” from here. The immersive experience is set up at the Yorkdale Shopping Centre. I would highly recommend the Premium ticket because the lines can be very long, especially on weekends. This is not a surprise as the show has many ardent fans. So, a Premium ticket can save you a lot of time by helping you skip the line. With the Premium ticket, you can also get a personalized Dunder Mifflin Employee Badge and a free gift. Check out my Employee ID below. I laughed out loud when I saw that I was listed as “a security threat”.

Dunder Mifflin Employee Badge
Dunder Mifflin Employee Badge

After the experience is over, you can head on over to the gift shop to collect your free gift. The gift I received was a “Finer Things Club” diary. Though the diary was nice, I secretly wished that I had received a Dunder Mifflin coffee mug instead.

On The Way To The Office

Once you get your employee ID, available only for premium tickets, you enter the waiting area. Here you play a game of trivia on The Office and the faster you get an answer right, the faster you can enter. The wait isn’t over yet though, there’s a lineup to get into the actual office. These lineups are not so boring as the hallways are packed with glass showcases with actual props from the show and resumes of your favorite characters. Dwight’s resume, as expected, was hilarious!

Dwight Schrute Resume
Dwight Schrute Resume

The Office Experience Setup

As soon as you enter The Office, the first thing you notice is of course “Pam’s Desk”. You get a chance to explore the reception desk and even take pictures while pretending to answer the phone. There are a number of post-its on Pam’s desk. See if you can find the “Michael touched me again” post-it from Ryan.LOL.

Pam's Desk at The-Office
Pam’s Desk at The-Office

Opposite Pam’s Desk, you will immediately recognize Jim’s Desk just like on the show. On closer look, you will see his desk has pictures of Jim and Pam, and also of the “fake Jim” posing with Pam!

Dwight’s desk is the funny one. You will see a chatbox open on the computer where Jim is again playing one of his classic pranks on Dwight. Open the top drawer and you’ll find a stapler immersed in jelly! Poor Dwight!

Dwight Schrute stapler in jelly
Dwight Schrute stapler in jelly

The next interesting spot for pictures is “Michael Scott’s Office”. This had a long wait with people lining up to take their picture in the World’s Best Boss’s chair.

Michael Scott office
Michael Scott office

There are a lot more things to experience in The Office. You can explore the HR office, the hated Toby’s Desk, the cafeteria, you can try solving Stanley’s crossword puzzles. My favorite part was taking a picture of the Chilli Spill.
If you can remember from the show, Kevin brings a huge serving of Chilli to the office but lo and behold, he drops the entire thing. You can recreate this scene with the Chilli as shown here. This was a lot of fun!

Chilli Spill from The Office Experience
Chilli Spill from The Office Experience

The Office Experience – The Verdict

If you are a fan of The Office, this experience is something you will really enjoy. You can reminisce and reenact some scenes from the show. I would recommend picking a time slot in the middle of the week when the experience is a lot less crowded and you can take better pictures and have more time to explore the settings in detail. If you plan to attend during the weekend, definitely opt for the premium ticket. This can save you a lot of time and the personalized Employee Badge is a cool keepsake.

Disclaimer: This was a gifted experience. However, all reviews and opinions are my own. This blog post contains affiliate links that will help support this website at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support!

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