Quebec City is a charming city and any one who visits is bound to fall in love with it. I spent a month here and explored the city in more detail. So, here is the lowdown on the good, the bad and the ugly of Quebec City.

The Good

1.European Style Architecture

Église Notre-Dame des Victoires (HDR) by SteveQc, on Flickr

(CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by SteveQc

You can clearly see the European influence on the architecture of Old Quebec. In fact, you feel as if you are in a town in France, not Canada. The buildings are so colorful and cute that your instagram photos will look amazing even without filters.
Read more about the architecture of Quebec City here

2. Food

cure restaurant by openprivacy, on Flickr

(CC BY-SA 2.0) by openprivacy

Delight your inner foodie with some amazing French delicacies. Specially, the rabbit sausage in Lapin Saute restaurant is out of this world. An honorary mention goes to The Hobbit too for amazing food and service

3. People and Safety

FREE HUGS, Place d’Youville by colros, on Flickr

(CC BY-SA 2.0) by colros

Canadians are famous for being very polite and friendly.
Quebec City is no exception to this. The locals are friendly, and will help you if they understand your language.

The Bad

1. Limited English

Even though Quebec City is in Canada and supposedly bilingual, the number of people who can understand and speak English, is limited. You will have no problems grocery shopping. However, it is slightly difficult finding a person to give you directions in English.

The Ugly

1. Racial Tension?

Levis, Quebec by RobertCiavarro, on Flickr

(CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by RobertCiavarro

This is not really a problem in Quebec City itself, but its surrounding area. I happened to go to Levis across the St. Lawrence river for a stroll. I got a number of dirty stares and a look of pure hatred from a stranger for no clear reason. I don’t know if they hate people of ethnic origin or tourists in general. I felt safe when I was back in Quebec City.

2. Divided National Loyalty

Québec Libre ! by Vankuso (Dominik Starosz), on Flickr

(CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Vankuso (Dominik Starosz)

When chatting with the locals, I got the sense that some consider Quebec a separate country in itself and not a province of Canada. I live in Canada, though not a citizen, so I felt this attitude slightly disconcerting.

On the whole, I loved this city and will likely visit again.
For more information on places to see in Quebec City, please read this post

Disclaimer: The opinions presented here are my own and not meant in any way, to offend or otherwise hurt any group mentioned or omitted in this post.


  1. Daniel Duval Reply

    I read the whole thing with some amazement. This is true that not that many people speak english fluently in this city. But what is the big problem about that ? As a tourist youy should be open to live an experience that brings you elswhere. And trying to understand and appreciate the fact that peiple speak another language than yours in one of thesee experience. Ans in what a ”divided sense of loyalty is problem for you ? Once agin youy should travel to discover things that might be different than you.
    If you think that Canada is bilingual; try to be understand in french in any big city of Canada outside Québec…

    • Pari Reply

      Hi Daniel,
      First of all, I apologize to you or any other readers who are offended by my article. I would like to say that I love Quebec City and it’s French culture and one of the main reasons I visited it. Please read this post too and see how much I enjoyed Quebec City . Having said that, as a tourist myself, I am warning other tourist to be aware of the extent to which locals can help them. I had a good knowledge of the city thanks to extensive research before visiting it, So I was fine. However, I have had many tourists visit the place thinking it is bilingual and I have found many people during my month of stay, lost asking for directions with no one to help them. They were so relieved to meet me who knew English. I am not blaming the locals exactly, I am telling the tourists to be better prepared.

    • Pari Reply

      As for the divided sense of loyalty…that is just a personal opinion. As I mention in the article, it is not meant to hurt anyone, it is just one person’s opinion. I respect your opinion on the matter and I move on.

  2. After about two weeks, I have finished viewing your blog in detail, you are very good, you have a job above the travel agencies, you are very professional, now I understand your choice, your passion, your stubbornness to do very well. shown by you is wonderful, wonderful. I bow to your inteligence, to your class, your precision, the detailed meticulousness in indicating the places (superior to a navigator) the precision of all that is needed both from the bureaucratic and sanitary point of view, financial, feeding.On this short message, I dwell on the place that I found more interest, Ontario for the lakes (my favorite is Moraine lake), Québéc City is a photo copy of many French cities, is a beautiful flower for you Canadians both English and French.
    I forgot, the photos are beautiful (the photos of the lakes have been downloaded to my computer.) I love the wild and pristine nature.

    • Pari Reply

      Thank you so much. I really appreciate your comments :). Keep coming back for more!

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